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This Month's Focus: Precipitators
Preparing Existing Electrostatic Precipitators for New Boiler MACT Requirements (Free)
Evaluating and upgrading existing equipment can allow electrostatic precipitators (ESPs) to continue achieving necessary performance levels.
Redoing Ductwork (Free)
A Missouri power plant replaced ESP inlets, upgraded additional system ductwork, and added two WFGD units to maintain compliance.
General Features
6 Tips for Diagnosing Wet Scrubber Problems and Improving Operations (Free)
Following these procedures can help discover problems that hinder performance.
The Impact of Moisture in Dust Collectors (Free)
In many applications, the discovery of moisture in a dust collection system comes as a surprise, with the damage having already occurred.
U.S. Supreme Court Limits EPA's Greenhouse Gas Permitting Authority (Free)
The Court’s ruling in UARG v. EPA has permitting implications for everyone.
A New Method for Reducing NOX from Combustion of Gaseous Fuels (Free)
Advanced burner architecture can help in controlling nitrogen oxides during combustion.
Power Experts to Convene in Atlanta (Free)
A preview of Power Experts 2014, the Utility Air Quality and Environmental Compliance Conference, scheduled for Nov. 5-6 at the InterContinental Buckhead hotel in Atlanta, GA.
Gary’s Gambit: Goats, Fútbol, and Carbon Emissions (Free)
Columnist Gary Grieco takes a look at the complex global situation regarding coal-fired power and carbon emissions.
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